Board of Directors

Executive Board of Directors

President – Paul Schneider, CRNA – Email
President-elect – Erin Foley, CRNA, DNAP – Email
Treasurer, James Osgood, CRNA – Email
Julia Deason, CRNA –  Email
Past President,
Seth Rabinowitz, CRNA – Email

Board of Directors:
Stacey Whittington, CRNA – Email
Pam Green, CRNA – Email
Kathy Maxwell, CRNA – Email
Erik Cline, CRNA, DNAP – Email
Justin Alley, CRNA – Email
Robin Willoughby, CRNA – Email

Student Representatives:
Melissa Piper – Email
Danica Wirski – Email
Heidi Fuller – Email
Justin Cyr – Email


Government Relations Committee Federal:
Stacey Whittington, CRNA – Email

Government Relations Committee State:

Rules of Governance:

Finance Committee:
Jim Osgood, CRNA – Email
Erik Cline, CRNA, DNAP – Email

Public Relations Committee:
Susan DeCarlo-Picirillo, CRNA (Chair) – Email
Hollie Arsenault, CRNA – Email

Political Action Committee:
Pam Green, CRNA – Email

Professional Development:
Cherie Burke, CRNA – Email
Michael Dunnington, CRNA – Email
Pam Green, CRNA – Email
Sarah Varney, CRNA – Email

State Peer Assistance:
Michelle Kribel, CRNA  – Email

Wellness/Peer Assistance:
Michelle Kribel, CRNA – Email
Lori Thibault – Email

Ann E. Misterovich, CRNA – Email

State Reimbursement Specialists:
Daniel Rice, CRNA – Email

Erin Foley, CRNA, DNAP – Email

Brown Dog Communications – Email