2-Year Check-In

What is the 2-year Check-in?

Under the former “recertification” program, CRNAs came back every two years. That check-in and billing timing stays the same under the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program. Though the continuing education periods in the CPC Program are divided into two 4-year cycles, you will check in every two years to continue the timing that has worked for CRNAs in the past. View the 2-year Check-in flyer (PDF)

The 2-year Check-in will be a simple, online process to:

  • validate your state licensure*
  • confirm continuing practice**
  • update your contact information
  • review your progress towards CPC Program compliance and make plans for the next two years
  • pay the $110 credentialing fee (the same amount as in the past) What your fee supports

The first CPC Program 2-year Check-in window will open on April 3, 2018 for most CRNAs that recertified or initially certified in 2016. The deadlines chart on the right includes specific deadlines for your 2-year Check-in. Click here to download the deadline chart.

“We know CRNAs have demanding schedules, which is why the 2-year Check-in process was designed to be a quick and easy way to maintain CPC compliance,” said John Preston, NBCRNA Chief Credentialing Officer. “Most certificants should be able to complete this important first step in under 10 minutes, and they can access the Check-in portal from their smart phone or computer.”

All CRNAs are urged to make sure their contact information is current, as NBCRNA reported that in recent years, they couldn’t connect with more than 5,000 certificants who had outdated contact information to provide important credentialing information.

The NBCRNA website will serve as a valuable resource for all certificants, providing regular updates on the 2-year Check-in to ensure a seamless process. Reminders also will be sent with a link to the Check-in portal. Visit www.nbcrna.com/CPC for CPC Program resources, videos, a toolkit, and more information, or directly about the 2-year Check-in at www.nbcrna.com/2YCI.

The NBCRNA will be in constant contact with certificants throughout the CPC Program to provide progress updates towards completion of the various requirements. Watch your inbox, follow NBCRNA on social media, and check the website for information and updates.

Questions? Contact the NBCRNA at cpc@nbcrna.com or 855-285-4658.
Learn more at www.nbcrna.com/2YCI.

Click below to watch our Check-Out the Check-In Overview

The following video provides a 3-Minute Guide to the 2-Year Check-In